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About Danielle Matthew, MFT

DMatthew_PhotoDanielle Matthew is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with background and specialization in treatment for bully victims. She has provided numerous presentations to organizations and schools regarding the bullying epidemic to increase awareness and action. Danielle has worked as a clinician in the field for over 20 years with children and adolescents in various environments including day treatment programs, residential facilities, and outpatient services. She has supervised a therapeutic behavioral program, conducted therapy groups and, most recently, conducted clinical authorizations for an insurance company.

Along with her work with children, she has conducted group and individual therapy with adults. True to her passion to educate others about this epidemic, Danielle presents on a regular basis for Pepperdine University students on bully prevention as a guest speaker. She also performs internal presentations at Cedar Sinai Medical Center. In December 2014 she conducted a needs assessment in the Los Angeles area and found that there were only a few programs in the area that addressed the crisis point of bullying. There are many important and useful prevention programs, but once the bullying has hit an actual crisis point, there does not seem to be specific work designed to help heal this population of children and adolescents. It is out of this void, that Danielle designed this program. The program pinpoints and addresses the crisis point of a bully situation. Once the crisis has been resolved, the children will be referred to other clinicians to address any long term effects or other long term issues (e.g., depression and anxiety).

Through her work, Danielle has identified that cognitive behavioral and in vivo techniques with the client in the moment are very effective learning tools. These methods support learning skills as well as new ways to handle a situation leading to successful outcomes.