Summer Bullying

Avoiding Bullying this Summer

As summer is approaching fast, you have probably started to plan activities for your kids. Some kids will go to camp (click here for a comprehensive list of local summer camps), others may have summer jobs or summer school. It’s important that even during summer activities, we’re aware of any potential bullying situations. When kids […]

Risk Factors Bullying

What Puts Your Child At Risk of Being Bullied?

There are important risk factors for you to know if you are worried your child may be bullied. There are physical, emotional and relational risk factors as well as other risk factors. All of these play an important role for parents to look at with their children. Physical Risk Factors If your child looks physically […]

The Dangers of Cyberbullying

The Dangers of Cyberbullying

In the last 15 to 20 years, there has been a significant increase in social media. The days of calling your friends to talk on the phone are now replaced with text messaging, chatting over video games, Instant Messaging and FaceTime. There are much fewer in-person conversations happening for children. The phone is now considered […]


What is Relational Bullying, really?

Growing up, many of us heard the typical sayings: “boys will be boys,” “girls are just mean sometimes,” and “it’s part of growing up” whenever our peers were teasing or making fun of one another. There wasn’t the understanding or acknowledgement of what this “rite of passage” could do to our self-esteem, long-term. Sometimes, the […]


How Do You Know Who Is Liable for Bullying?

Finding out your child has been bullied can leave you concerned and uncertain. Usually you don’t learn that your child has been bullied until it has escalated out of control. Too frequently, a child’s friend is so alarmed by an emotional (and possibly suicidal) social media post that they notify the parent of the child […]


Protect Your Child from Political Bullying

We’re living in a time of an ever-increasing bullying epidemic. While bullying has always been present, the use of social media and more public awareness has made it more prevalent today. The recent presidential campaigns and election have further intensified our current state of bullying prevalence. While people of all ages have been affected, the […]