Summer Bullying

Avoiding Bullying this Summer

As summer is approaching fast, you have probably started to plan activities for your kids. Some kids will go to camp (click here for a comprehensive list of local summer camps), others may have summer jobs or summer school. It’s important that even during summer activities, we’re aware of any potential bullying situations. When kids […]


6 Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied

Children who are bullied may display warning signs before they tell you or another adult. If you notice that your child hasn’t been acting like him or herself, seems unhappy or displays any of the warning signs, the first thing you should do is try talking to him or her. Or, have your child speak to […]

Is this really bullying?

Is This Really Bullying?

Today we hear the word “bullying” a lot. Kids will say that someone is “bullying them,” but what does bullying really mean? What does it really look like when a child is being bullied? Let’s start with what bullying is not. Bullying is not a confrontation or conflict between two peers. It isn’t a verbal […]