The Empowerment Space
Bullying Therapy Program

Empowering children to heal from bullying
Enabling families to manage through crisis
Building support systems to get everyone smiling again

Bullying Therapy Program

While many programs help prevent bullying, The Empowerment Space Bullying Therapy Program provides a safe space with support, guidance and education to empower bullying victims to heal, address conflict and move forward. Danielle Matthew, a Los Angeles-based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, provides weekly one-on-one sessions, plus weekly at-home activities to children ages 10 through 17, to help them increase self-esteem, learn effective communication techniques, and develop coping skills and strategies to respond to bullying.

The Empowerment Space supports families through crisis, with sessions focused on giving parents skills and support to effectively engage with their child, school and caregivers, creating a stronger, more positive support system for their child.

The Empowerment Space compassionately serves victims of bullying and their families to face bullying, restore well-being and get everyone smiling again.