Why Some Teens Still Face Anxiety Over Masks and Ways Parent Can Help

The uncertainties from the first two years of the pandemic brought newfound fear and anxiety for families and individuals across the globe. Unfortunately, as a result, these harmful emotions and characteristics still linger within some of us today. Not only have adults been left with lingering fear and anxiety because of the pandemic, but adolescents […]

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Common Reasons For Unmotivated Teens and Ways Parents Can Help

“My son rarely showers,” “My daughter will be graduating soon and won’t look into colleges,” and “He never does his homework;” are common complaints that many parents share about their teens. While nearly all teens experience days when they’re less motivated than usual, there is usually an underlying reason for teens who are consistently apathetic […]

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How to Have Hope After a Year of Turmoil

Stress over the past year’s events, including the pandemic, presidential election, and racial tension, has threatened our nation’s mental health, particularly those from Generation Z (born after 1996) – kids, teens, and young adults, according to a recent national survey from the American Psychological Association. After a year of turmoil, you may not be in […]